3 hacks that will change your attitude


” The mind is everything.What you think you become”-Gautam buddha.

Are we born with attitudes or do we develop them as we mature? What are the factors that form our attitudes? If you have a negative outlook on life because of your environment, can you change your attitude? Most of our attitude is shaped during our formative years.


There are primarily three factors that determine our attitude. They are:

1. Environment
2. Experience
3. Education


These are called the triple Es of attitude. Let’s evaluate each of the factors individually.

1. Environment
Environment consists of the following:
♦ Home: positive or negative influences
♦ School: peer pressure
♦ Work: supportive or over critical supervisor
♦ Media: television, newspapers, magazines, radio, movies
♦ Cultural background
♦ Religious background
♦ Traditions and beliefs
♦ Social environment
♦ Political environment

All of these environments create a culture. Every place is it a home, organization or a country has a culture. Have you noticed that sometimes you go to a store and you find the salesperson polite, the supervisor, manager, and owner polite as well? Yet you go to another shop and you find everyone rude and discourteous. You go to a home and you find the kids and parents well-behaved, courteous and considerate. You go to another home where everyone is fighting like cats and dogs. In countries where the government and political environment is honest, generally, you will find that the people are honest, law abiding and helpful. And the reverse is true too. In a corrupt environment, an honest person has a tough time. Whereas in an honest environment, the corrupt one has a tough time.

2. Experiences
Our behavior changes according to our experiences with people and events in our life. If we have a positive experience with a person, our attitude toward him becomes positive and vice versa.

3. Education
I refer to both formal and informal education, not just academic qualifications. Knowledge strategically applied translates into wisdom, ensuring success. I talk of education in the broader sense. It makes the role of the; educator vital. A teacher affects eternity. The ripple effect is immeasurable.
We are drowning in information but starving for knowledge and wisdom. Education ought to teach us not only how to make a living but also how to live.

THE BENEFITS OF A POSITIVE ATTITUDE – These are many and easy to see. But what is easy to see is also easy to miss. To mention a few, a positive attitude
♦ increases productivity
♦ fosters teamwork
♦ solves problems
♦ improves quality
♦ makes for congenial atmosphere



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