5 strangest calendars of all time people are unaware of


Ever wondered how your day would be without the dates, no times and no proper schedules for your meetings or exams. What would it like be when you ask your co-passenger for the dates and he replied with like “Date? Time? .Are you insane?”. Well, this condition would have been arousing if calendars would not yet be invented. Since we are lucky enough to have our dates and times so why not explore the various calendars used by the people of a different section of the globe. Here we go..

1.Mayan calendar


People using this calendar had lived in Yucatan area of present-day Mexico and the neighboring regions. These people were specialized in building amazing pyramids and temples. Their calendars had 18 months with each months consisting of 20 days each. The last five days were considered to be truly unlucky for them and were placed in last 5 days of the years which they named them as “UAYEB”.

2.Gregorian calendar


Can you guess which calendar could this be? Believe it or not but the calendar that we use nowadays is the Gregorian calendar whose months goes as Jan, Feb ..and so on..The name Gregorian is derived from Pope Gregory XIII who pointed out derived this out in the year 1582.Although Gregorian calendar faced several problems before its actual implementations but due to its easiness to use it is accepted worldwide nowadays.

3.The Indian calendar


Months ranging from Caitra, Vaisakha, Jyaistha and so on… are all based on Indian calendar system. The months of this calendar are placed in accordance with the motions of the sun and the moon. Indian calendars are widely accepted to fix dates of marriages and other holy rituals of Hinduism. Although Gregorian calendars are used for official purposes but the Indian calendars are accepted as a way to fix dates of holy festivals such as Diwali, Durga puja and so on. The Indian calendars begin with Chaitra and end in Phalguna.

4.Hebrew and Islamic calendars

As the name suggest HEBREW and ISLAMICS or The Jewish or The Muslims had their calendars too. Their calendar was based on Lunar cycle. Their months in calendars were 29 or 30 Days. Since their counting of months begins on Full Moon day but due to some weather constraints or other unavoidable circumstances, the calendar tends to discontinue forcing them to use the Georgian calendars.

5.The Chinese calendar


The Chinese dragon is the most popular among the Chinese calendars. Chinese people believed that the person born during the age of dragon are of extremely lucky and are considered to be the boon for the society.Their calendar came into force during the reign of Emperor Haugandi in 2.6k B.C. Although Chinese had their own calendar but still Gregorian calendars are widely accepted for official purposes.


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