We all have some beliefs and pings that stick our conscience upon happenings in our day-to-day life. As for example- when a black cat cuts our path while traveling we believe it as a symbol of misfortune. Not of all of the beliefs we wonder actually comes out true but there are some forces in nature which change our thoughts and transforms us in a way we perceive them. One such belief is the unsolved mystery of the Number 13.

The belief that number 13 is unlucky is very ancient. According to  Romans, number 13 is a symbol of death and destruction. Norse legends claimed that the thirteenth guest at a banquet is the spirit of evil. The Christian belief that the number brings bad luck is often said to come from the Last Supper when Christ sat down with his 12 disciples-making 13 peoples. Some people think that the first person to leave a dinner table of which there are 13 diners will die before the end of the year.


• There is no building in the Paris that bears number 13.
• Italy omits the number 13 from its national lottery.
• The 13th of the month costs the USA about $1 billion a year through cancellations on trains and planes, absenteeism from work, and reduced business activities.
• On Friday 13 September 1928, a hurricane killed 2,000 people in Puerto Rico Florida, and the Virgin Islands, and caused approx. $25 million in damage.
• The Apollo space mission was known as Apollo 13.On 13 April 1970, there was an explosion on board and spacecraft began to leak Oxygen. This happened two days after it took off at 13:13(1:13 p.m).The spacecraft only just made it back to the Earth.


• The number 13 was sacred for the Mayans and Aztecs of Central America, and it is traditionally a lucky number in China.
• Buddhist pay homage to 13 Buddhas and the orthodox Jewish prayer book holds 13 principles of faith.
These facts are significance to the popular belief about number 13 but it shouldn’t be taken as granted. I too believe in number 13 as unlucky as because one such incident changed my thought. I was traveling to Guwahati for JEE entrance. The exam was on next day I was supposed to stay in some hotel of affordable price. It so happened that I was provided with a key to room 13 in the hotel. At first, I repeatedly asked the manager to change my room but due to fulfillment of other rooms he couldn’t help me out. With no choice and a little fear in mind, I decided to stay in the room thinking that it’s all about one night. That night was so ghostly and the thought of unlucky room stumble in my mind badly. Throughout the night I hear some incontestable noises lingering in and out although I knew that there was nothing to fear about.
So, what I think about no.13 is that it’s all about our belief.
If you think positively you will get results positive and vice-versa. If you too have a story do share yours in the comment section below. Your story is worth sharing



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