Strange phobias you might not have heard


A Phobia is a strong fear of a particular animal, object, situation or activity.The fear is often out of proportion to the reality and may make people vomit, sweat, tremble and even faint.People may go to great lengths to avoid the subjects of their phobias.

• 1.Fear of spiders-       Arachnophobia
• 2.Fear of Snakes-       Ophidiophobia
• 3. Fear of Heights-       Hypsiphobia
• 4. Fear of Dolls-          Pediophobia
• 5. Fear of Mirrors-      Eisoptrophobia
• 6. Fear of dancing-     Chorophobia
• 7. Fear of Beards-     Pogonophobia
• 8. Fear of Teeth-       Odontophobia
• 9. Fear of Frogs-       Batrachophobia
• 10. Fear of Chickens– Alektorophobia
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