How Sonam Gupta managed to top the google trends?


Sonam Gupta– still a hypothetical concept amongst Indians managed to top the list in Google Search history.The story of Sonam Gupta revolves around the time when demonetisation was surpassing every Indian home. After the viral phase of “THE CHAIWALA” and “MIRCHIWALI” Indians didn’t stop.They pushed “Sonam Gupta” over the screen and made her “Bewafa “ so viral that she managed to top the list of Google Trends.

Actually, the scenario revolves around the phase of WhatsApp sharing of Images of 10,20,100 rupees notes so ridiculously that she managed to enter the gallery of almost 85% of Indians within a week.Although the controversy was not actually hypothetical, but effects of her “BEWAFA” could be seen from viral news of restaurant holder providing free stuff to anyone bearing the name “Sonam Gupta”. It is well said that “Indians had enough love for the Bewafa lady who managed to top the list even after her non-existence”. When pictures of newly printed 2000 and 500 rupees notes started revolving with handwritten words “Sonam Gupta Bewafa Hai” this was the phase which took her to Internet sensation of the year.Adding to it were the media and the local news reporter who twisting and turning made a new story everyday just to attract the reader’s attention towards the “ International Bewafa of the year”.
A simple lady(hypothetical) who never had seen so much of sensation earlier was soon pushed to a stage of such a huge popularity that she came after P.V Sindhu and newly elected president of U.S. Donald Trump.This phase proves that she is really a “Bewafa”


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