Most trending application or games of 2016


Most of us are using android phones or ios phones in this generation And we have come across different apps and games which become trending throughout the world for certain period of time. Nowadays we are addicted to smart phones and every day we use different types of application. So, we will list out some of the most trending application of 2016 in India and abroad.



This game was one of the most trending game of 2016.It is location based reality game developed by Niantic for android, IOS devices .It uses a mobile GPS to locate and capture the virtual creatures i.e POKEMON. It uses the cameras to view the real world and GPS to locate the Pokemon. POKEMON appears on the screen of your smart phones as they exist in real world and that virtual creature need to be capture and that is the mission of the user. This game quickly got famous globally and was one of the most used and profitable mobile apps in 2016.Some other stories also got viral over the internet about people getting addicted were one guy fall in river while searching for Pokemon’s and some cross country border while playing Pokemon etc.Studies have proven that at least an extra 11 minutes of walk was added to the days of those who got hooked on to the game.This game at least made people get up from their seats and walk.



Recently in the last month of 2016 UC developed an app with the name UC news which got viral all over India with its massive offer of Rs. 5000.They used a best the business technique to promote their app and increase their downloads with the referral offer.They users have to refer a friend to their code and as the credits reached 5000 you can claim that prize by providing your bank account.The contest was held between 12 dec to 16 dec’ 2016.Users were eager to earn Rs.5000 and the eagerness made people refer the app which resulted in downloading the app in most of the devices in India.In this way UC team earn lots of bucks since their app downloads reached to high in just short period of time.



It is a photo editing application which transforms the image to artistic effect.It was launched in june 2016 and after a week, 7.5 million application was downloaded and over 1 million active users as of july 2016.It got so viral that most of them were changing their whatsapp dp and facebook profile picture just after its launched.It has the ability to transform an image to artistic effect by going through different layers and recreates the photo from scratch.If you are real smart phone user then you have definetly come across this app and might have changed your facebook profile picture.



RELIANCE JIO made a record which crossed 16 million subscribers in his first month.JIO SIM provides free voice calling and free 4G internet data to all the users which attract the most new users to subscribe.Along with such facility to the users, they also developed JIO apps like JIO play, JIO on demand, JIOBEATS, provideJIOMAGS. JIOplay has the potential to become a tv channel company provides the free live tv channels on smartphones.JIO on demand provides HD movies legally for nearly free. Along with increasing users of Jio sim, the Jio app users also increases to a height. These apps also become one of the trending apps in India.



This is also one of the trending application of 2016 with its ability to connect the users in multiplayer mode.It experience intense multiplayer combat with up to 12 players online or locally in multiplayer mode.This game was also included in the game zone of many universities where competition was held between the teams.Most of the people were addicted to this game and most of the people were found playing mini militia in streets, shops, colleges etc. in groups.



With the demonetization introduced in India by PM Narendra Modi in the month of November 2016 and with the aim to transform India to the caseless economy, paytm app was one the trending app towards the caseless transaction.Even the tea shop, vegetable sho, and other small shops were providing paytm bar code which provides customers to make transaction caseless by scanning the barcode from paytm app of the customer’s account.Nowadays paytm is getting viral over the Indian market for its ability of caseless transaction.This app has helped a lot to stable Indian market from the day demonetization was introduced in India.



It is a photo and video sharing app which provides users to upload a photo or video and share it either publicly or privately.You can take photos within the app or use photos which already exist in gallery.The photos can also be shared to other social networking sites like facebook from within the app.It also provides users to filters photo before sharing it with different types of filters available.You can also follow other users and can like and comment on pictures and videos. Everyone is trying to share their quality pictures to increase their followers on Instagram.You must also have been using this app if you are interested in taking photos and sharing them.Most of them are using this app or might have used once or those who have not used must have heard about this beautiful app.So, this is also counted as one of most trending app of 2016.



Most of the people are suffering due to demonetization in India because you have to line up a long line for depositing to other accounts.So, PM Modi encourages UPI in his digital push where we can easily transfer money from one account to other by just sitting at home with the help of your smart phone.You just need to install a UPI or mobile banking app and register an account and can easily transfer to other accounts by knowing the account number and IFSC code.You can also receive and send money using virtual address without providing additional bank information.It also powers multiple bank accounts in a single app.


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