Birds are flying high
Sun is bright in the sky
Wish to be with them until I die.

The day was somewhat an unusual one. I was at my friend’s house for the better preparation for the exam which was to be conducted just after few hours. I rose early and catch the bus and sits on the window side. The sun was brightening very clearly in the east sky and was pleased with the brightness rays of the sun. I could see the flock of the birds flying far across the city toward their destination.
This is their usual agenda, I thought. They have to travel miles away to live their life. Their shelter may not be at the same tree from where they had started the day; their babies may not be in the nests when they will return after the sunset. They might be hunted by the cruel hunters but if they think so, they have to die.
I wish to be in their company to live a comfortable life. I thought not to care about the hindrances which pull me back. I wanted to focus only on my goal and have to achieve and for that whatever situation I have to face.
When I put step on the street after the journey, I had learned the lesson “how to survive among the cruel”.



    • 06/05/2011 – 3:a4mmT3pbien en una final acb Madrid – Barça, en una trifulca (creo q al acabar el partido ya q gano el Barça la liga acb) entre monedazos y mecherazos saltaron varios espectadores a la pista y se monto un pollo q acabo con un detenido q tenia un cuchillo en mano cuando cuando i.v.a. a por un jugador cule,y resulto ser un lider de los ultras del RM ( Och…a ) y este individuo ya tenia la prohobicion de la entrada a recintos deportivos.Ya se q es acb y no futbol pero la institucion es la misma q defienden algunos acusando a otros.La pregunta es,q sancion tubo dicho club?


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