She flies over my room
The fan will throw her down
I let the butterfly again in the wind

An unbearable heat of the room disturbs my sleepy eyes. The fans were busy in their own speed but it was insufficient to make me sleep again. Windows are wide open and I was trying to have a nap. I wake up suddenly, couldn’t believe how I get near the switch board. A pretty butterfly, grey in colour having white spot on her wings flying over my room. I switched off the fans as I wanted to save the butterfly. I was dying to see her near the blades of the fans which were gradually coming down out of the speed. She slowly sat on the flowers in my table. I ran to catch her and hold her tightly into my fingers. She was pretty and her white spots were looking quite beautiful. She wants to fly, I guess.


God has created us and I’m not a god to make such beautiful thing. No one has the right to take away someone’s happiness in which they are living. If anyone put me into the prison without my mistake, how would I feel? She was happy with her journey and who am I to stay as a barrier between her happiness.
I slow down the pressure of my fingers and stretched my hand out of my window. I clapped in joy by seeing her again in the bunch of flowers. I was happy to save her life by switching off the fans at the correct time but was happier to realise that how one can feel if he have to live inside the prison without committing any mistakes.


  1. des badges portes nom ?????Je connaissais « Les Moutons de Kab&uulnlsp;&raqoo;, mais juste comme ça … ma cop’s m’a fais faire une Kallounette (trop belle soit dit en passant) et hier soir une Balle à étiquettesJe viens de passer ma soirée à lire tout le blog …. oui oui tout depuis le début : 201 pages de pur bonheur . J’crois que Kallou à une nouvelle adepte … Merci Kallou


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