“With great change, comes greater opportunity”- anonymous

The recent demonetization act has led the country to an empowered economy, but its impact on the common people is still being debated they are finding difficulties in transactions.
Unfortunately the ongoing change to a cashless economy has also brought new opportunities for tricksters and frauds make use of this confusion to steal money from people. There has been a recent increase in the number of digital frauds that has robbed people of their bank balance.
One such real incident happened to one of our friends. The fraudster when asked justified the need of our friend’s personal account details (account no, pin, etc.) by citing it mandatory to do so (By the Modi Government no less!!)
We as responsible citizens decided to share this incident in order to spread awareness about such petty crimes, so that people who are less aware do not get trapped in such monetary theft.

Here’s how the conversation went……..

He said that to continue the Bank ATM we need to share the ATM details otherwise the money in the account will be transferred to Modi’s account. That’s seems funny right. The guy whom he called was smart, but just think there are many other people who are not aware of such things and they easily give all ATM details. And such fraudster just withdraw all the money from the account.

A while later, his friend called back the fraudster, and the way he dealt with him will surely make you smile.
(It was also an added bonus that we got to prank the fraudster and get a few laughs out of it).

We searched his number in Truecaller and see what we got

He kept his name as Bluffmaster so that nobody could catch him. Please share this article and number so that everyone gets aware of this fake call. And help the nation to stop such crimes going on in the country.

Serious Note: Always remember, the bank never asks for private info through phone calls.
Tricksters like these generally issue SIM cards in fake names or in black. Share such numbers so much that even the cyber department gets active and takes action to put them behind the bars.
Please share this as much as possible so that such crimes are stopped and people in the future will think twice times before committing such frauds.


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