How to use JIO features in 3G or 2G phones ?

As we know JIO is providing free 4G internet service,HD voice calling and other features for free. So everyone is interested to use JIO features. This incident is sudden and some of us bought recently many expensive phones which don’t have 4G service as a consequence we can’t use JIO features and we can’t afford a new phones at this time.


Don’t be upset dear users, I have some idea through which we can also use JIO features in 3G phones. Yes . this news really shocked how it is possible !!

There are two technique which offers us to use such wonderful features


 follow the following steps to use this stunting feature.

  • Open your dialpad and type *#*#4636#*#*
  • Select phone information
  • Select your network to LTE only
  • Boom!! you all done


If the above technique does not work you can use a device named jio-fi which is officially available in 

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