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The so-called digitization has had created a lot of happenings around the world. You talk about the ousting of governments in the Arab world to the forming of one in the world’s most powerful nation, earning a living profession through a youtube channel to losing all of your private information through security breaches in big internet giants, or being able to find friends and love on facebook to going to depression from cyber bullying, the internet had a huge share of influence in making them happen.
Digitalisation of almost every aspect of life has lead to a voluminous amount of information that is can affect the shaping of the society in an unimaginable way. A user will be so prompted to share an information on the internet without actually knowing the authenticity of the data simply because it appeals to the emotion of the person sharing it. For instance, if a misinformation is shared over WhatsApp about a communal clash, and it is possible without catching the attention of the authorities, both the party members will get their adrenaline pumped up and in the process damaging life and property that can ultimately lead to the breeding of hatred.
Well it’s very hard to know if facebook or WhatsApp companies have really promised to pay for treatment of cancer on every share the post gets, but making jokes on them is not going to help either as it is leading to the addiction of sarcastic jokes as a result of which the person ends up wasting all of his time in the process of just reading the posts. We often hear the young generation complaining the inability to focus, not only that even their visual abilities also are deteriorating.
So in the age of rapid communication and connectivity, one can not deny the fruits of benefits of the internet services but keep a track of what you are using, why you are using and what conditions you are agreeing to also becomes a deciding factor in the way we get affected by the internet. It will not be ideal to say the government should keep a regulatory body to keep track of happening over the internet because it will draw the debate upon privacy and freedom of speech. So it is up to you and me, sir and ma’am to be careful about what we are doing digitally because even the smallest of things could make and break the world apart.


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