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Meaning of floating words-
As the name itself depicts about its content, ‘Floating Words’ is not merely a blog but its a platform for the budding artists,writers,story-tellers,photographers,travellers etc. to showcase their stories,experience,writings in much better and efficient way.Our motto is simple-“Convert your thoughts to words”. One can imagine thoughts to the “clouds floating in sky” and you have to collect it and express it in your own words. Floating words is a sort of e-magazine where one can find articles on religion,entertainment,politics,what’s trending around and much more. If you too have certain thoughts dont hesitate to drop your valuable words to “Submit your thought ” section above.

How was floating words born?

Well, that’s a long story. Let me make it simple. It was a semester break when three brothers studying in three different fields of science meet and decided to start a portal on thoughts of people. Soon after the initial implementation of idea we got a huge round of positive feedback from friends, seniors and parents too. We begun exploring newer and newer possibilities ,adding  newer and newer section possible. Now after initial few days of hosting we are looking towards the anonymous visitors , friends and so to express your thought infront of general masses. We will feature your identity and thought in most efficient way possible.

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