A disclaimer basically describes about the restriction  one provide over the property that he/she or an organization posseses.A web content is also one’s property and the person owning it has full rights over his liabilities and possessions.In lay mens’ language describing disclaimer is just restricting copywriting of the contents posted.


  • As being a web developer and a newbie blogger there’s nothing to say more about the privacy policy of the blog but for the sake of formality its most rewarding to clarify before its too late.
  • One cannot re-produce or manipulate the contents of the blog without the sole permission of the writer.
  • You can always use the images,videos,audios of the blog but should mention the source as www.floatingwords.com
  • No part of the blog whether its small or big can be copied exactly by the person or organization in any form whether its blog,website or any form of publication.
  • You are always welcome to guest post on the blog with the prior permission of the author. For guest posting you can submit your articles in the contact to editor form.

Nothing to say more about disclaimer as all the bloggers are free to copy the contents provided they must refer the source from where they have copied.

Stay blessed and happy blogging.



(floating words)