Have you ever wonder which car is using by PRIME MINISTER of a country with the largest democracy. Such an important person must have a high-security car. The Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been using Air India one private aircraft to travel around the world but when it comes to travel in India he uses […]

Is politics a new mark towards developing India? Check it out!!!

With the central government announcing the demonetization of old 500 and 1000 rupees notes, demonetization has become a trending issue amongst leading newspaper, social media, and channels.The spicy coverage of the media have added fuel to the fire as the social networking sites are full of memes, so called jokes and trolls highlighting the various aspects […]

Custom Rom

Nowadays android has got a majority over other OS on mobile devices. Sometimes we can see the UI i.e. user interface of android looks dull. So some developers customized the default OS to the new look, which gives the opportunity to explore brand new designs and features.   ADVANTAGES OF CUSTOM ROMS 1. New launcher. […]

Love-something everyone mistakes as an absolute goal

Dear Anon I love you. Love-something everyone mistakes as an absolute goal, something worth risking everything to protect. They’ve deluded themselves into thinking love is worth braving sickness or injury or death to protect your beloved like some main character in a Hollywood movie. ‘Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved […]


She flies over my room The fan will throw her down I let the butterfly again in the wind An unbearable heat of the room disturbs my sleepy eyes. The fans were busy in their own speed but it was insufficient to make me sleep again. Windows are wide open and I was trying to […]


Birds are flying high Sun is bright in the sky Wish to be with them until I die. The day was somewhat an unusual one. I was at my friend’s house for the better preparation for the exam which was to be conducted just after few hours. I rose early and catch the bus and […]


The most expensive car launched in India in the year 2016 is the bullet proof MERCEDES-MAYBACH S600 Guard which is called as “safest luxury spot on earth” according to Mercedes company.It has been listed at the top among the expensive cars in India in 2016 which cost Rs. 10.5 crore at ex-showroom Delhi. And Mukesh […]

Most trending application or games of 2016

Most of us are using android phones or ios phones in this generation And we have come across different apps and games which become trending throughout the world for certain period of time. Nowadays we are addicted to smart phones and every day we use different types of application. So, we will list out some […]

A Liar’s Dilemma

Hindu marriages are long with lots of customs. As I am a Nepali who mostly stays out of home and lives in solitary, and as the one who lives in an Assamese people packed society, I don’t come in terms of many Nepalese people (even my own relatives). It was my sister’s marriage ceremony and […]

How Sonam Gupta managed to top the google trends?

Sonam Gupta– still a hypothetical concept amongst Indians managed to top the list in Google Search history.The story of Sonam Gupta revolves around the time when demonetisation was surpassing every Indian home. After the viral phase of “THE CHAIWALA” and “MIRCHIWALI” Indians didn’t stop.They pushed “Sonam Gupta” over the screen and made her “Bewafa “ […]

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